PT Sumber Daya Agung (SDA) is privately owned by three shareholders and established in 2004. We were initially used to be specialist in Air-conditioning. In the year of 2007, we officially started to enlarge our company to become Mechanical, Electrical and HVAC Contractor, including installation for new build, renovation and maintenance.


Our specialists might sound boring, but in the real life, we are lucky to have a fun team, both in the head office and sites. We know when to work seriously and when to relax a bit in the middle of our busy days. There is no competition within teams because we all need each other to actualise a project we have been trusted.


Our logo is portrayed with three arches. It was originally pictured an aiflow because we started our journey as an air-conditioning contractor.


Three arches represent three main proponents in this company: stakeholders, employees and clients. Those arches don’t directly link to each other, but each point leads to the central. It ideally interprets how all of us need to have the same vision, yet are still open for better advices and suggestions.


They came with nothing to become something. No one deserves to be discriminated. Everyone is smart, but not everyone is willing to modest himself to be coached. We are proud that we have been learning and growing together without differentiating cultures and backgrounds.


We invest in to train our staffs and employees to work professionally and skillfully. It is also important to gain a better attitude everyday. All of us always ensure that everyone is motivated and encouraged, because working with a joyful heart yields the greatest.


We believe in dedication, responsibility and trust in order to achieve the best proceeds and encounter our clients’ gratification. Three main fundamentals have then strengthened and rewarded us to work closely with expatriates in Indonesia.


To make our clients’ dream happen, we always dedicate our time, professionalism and experiences. Your desire is our challenge and we believe that mechanical and electrical system could turn something boring to become exciting, interesting and enjoyable when we work together.