We thank you for continuously trusting us to assist you in creating and building a dream construction. We are here to provide you a consultation, to plan and prepare a design of the best system of Mechanical and Electrical, to install, to renovate and maintain your buildings. We think globally and critically; we work professionally; and we act as your best partner.


Our Mechanical Teams have experienced and been qualified to do the process of installations together with our Electrical Teams.


Electrical is linked each other with Mechanical, therefore our Electrical Teams work closely with our Mechanical Teams.


We act as a representative for our teams to communicate with our suppliers. Good human relations will convince our suppliers to trust us.


Thank you for considering us and finally trusting us. PT Sumber Daya Agung wasn’t primarily established to make myself a millionaire or even a billionaire, yet to make everyone become rich. I’m not only talking about being rich in money, but being rich in knowledge, being rich in positive contributions for the country and being rich in a great relationship with clients.

PT Sumber Daya Agung is defined as The Great Resource, where we can coach someone from nothing to be something; where we can provide the best solution for our clients; where we can bless everyone.

My team and I have been building our company together since 2004. Some have personally disappointed me, but some have made me proud and helped me to achieve what we have aimed. People come and go, but I’m glad some of my current team have been here since the beginning. So, I hope our company may always hold on to togetherness and openness principles to achieve our primary aims.

Ir. Hengli Andreas

Founder and Director